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Code like a Blitz.
With Fritz.

Fritz is a time-saving snippet manager for smart and lazy people just like you and me.

Why Fritz?

The code you’re writing today has been written already: Either by yourself or by someone else. It might be buried in one of your old projects. Or you know that you’ve seen it somewhere on Github, MDN or Stack Overflow.

Save snippets, save time and thank yourself later: While copy & pasting code is common, searching for it takes time. With Fritz you can save countless of hours a year. With all your precious code at your fingertips you can focus on the bigger picture. Fritz supports all your favourite languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift or Python and more. It’s simple: everything that is text can be saved for later.

Share code and learn from others: And it gets even better: support your coworkers or team by sharing snippets with them. Imagine onboarding a new coworker and giving him access to all important code snippets to get started.

Beautiful code snippets with syntax highlighting and markdown support.
Create snippets and organise them with collections.

Jump ahead with Packages

Let’s be honest: creating snippets is work. But how can you try a snippet manager without snippets? Well… with Fritz you can browse and install packages for programming frameworks, icon libraries, emoji and more.

Missing something? You can create and share your own package. Share it with friends, co-workers or the rest of the world.

Browse packages

The “Animate CSS” package includes almost 100 CSS keyframe animations ready to be used.
Semantic HTML provides examples for all HTML5 tags.

Icons, Emojis, Colors!

You can use Fritz for much more than just code snippets. SVG icons, Emoji and color values can be saved, too. And with packages for popular design asset libraries such as Material Icons you never have to search the web again.

And even more


For keyboard lovers

Find and paste

Launch Fritz from anywhere with a global keyboard shortcut (cmd+enter or option+enter), type to find the snippet you are looking for and save it directly into the app. No need to copy & paste. Creating snippets also works without touching your mouse. Youl’ll love it.


Instant Boost

Snippet Packs

Most snippet managers come with zero snippets installed. Fritz is different: get started with packages for HTML, CSS, Vue, and a growing list of community packages.


Made for designers

SVG Support

Store your favorite icons, illustrations or logos as SVG code in Fritz and have them ready anytime. Works with Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD.



Shared Workspaces

Share your snippets with coworkers by using a shared workspace. Simple store your workspace in Dropbox, iCloud, Resilio Sync or other synced folders that you and other people can access.


Better than a dozen plugins

Works in any app

Wether it’s Visual Studio Code, iA Writer or Mail: Access your snippets in any app without additional plugins. Copy text from any app and paste it to Fritz to create new snippets.


No lock-in

File-based snippets

Snippets are stored as simple files and folders on your computer. Importing and exporting is easy. This is also great if you want to create snippets using code.

Save those bits for later, with Fritz the handy snippet maker.

Free Beta

Download for macOS

The beta release requires macOS 10.14 or newer.